Watch a plant grow, and you see its intention is perfect. It uses just the right shape, amount of color, and texture to fulfill its pliant, living design. I try to emulate this “biosophy” in clay--without doing realistic imitations of plants.

My work is very touchable. It satisfies the urge to feel something attractively “natural,” and more seductively, rewards the user by connecting them with a very potent and tightly focused abstraction of the tissues and structures of organic life. This—the psychosomatic connection occurring during the act of using the piece—unleashes the potencies of my expression. 



After receiving a Degree in Painting from NYU, I began working in clay in 1991, desiring a three-dimensional canvas. The intersection of painting and clay has fueled more than two decades of exploration in ceramics.  

In 1995, I received an MFA in Ceramics from RISD. I was awarded Massachusetts’ highest honor -- an Artist Fellowship in Crafts in 2009. My work has been shown in numerous exhibits across the country and internationally. Recently I was invited to be a resident artist in China at the Blanc de Chine International Residency, in Dehua. Other highlights include The Archie Bray Foundation, American Museum of Ceramic Art, Howard Yezerski Gallery, San Angelo Museum of Art, and permanent collections of The Crocker Art Museum, CA, Lawrence Art Center, KS, and The Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences, NY.